Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Problems

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Problems

The most common Samsung galaxy s4 active problems, but fault-free smartphone continues even to this day. we just like the S4 Active lots, in fact, as mentioned in our Galaxy S4 Active Review, it’d are nice to see a similar mud and water resistance within the normal S4. As nice because it is, you’ll still encounter problems. supported our analysis these are the most common Galaxy S4 Active issues being reportable and we’ve provided some workarounds and solutions to assist you overcome them.

You may additionally notice that a number of the problems and fixes in our Galaxy S4 issues roundup apply to the Active likewise. You’ll notice lag, warming, Wi-Fi, and different issues represented well there along side workarounds and potential solutions.

Below are the most common Samsung galaxy s4 active problems

Problem: Water harm

We recently reportable on a possible Galaxy S4 Active water harm drawback. This came once an alleged AT&T worker denote a warning that the warrant on the S4 Active doesn’t cover water harm. this can be going to be a typical issue with any device that touts water resistance as a point as a result of people naturally need to submerge it in water. If the case and ports aren’t closed properly, or they’re faulty, then the phone goes to suffer.

A lot of individuals report that the speaker and electro-acoustic transducer square measure considerably quieter and therefore the phone might mistakenly assume that headphones square measure obstructed certain  a short time once being submerged. this can be traditional and it’ll pass. If you expertise different issues like random actions or the phone becomes unresponsive then you’ll have water harm.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active waterdamage Workaround:

The water-resistant feature is de facto designed to subsume splashes, rain, or accidental drops into puddles, don’t push it if you wish to avoid harm. Don’t deliberately submerge the phone. If you need to, then certify the rear cowl and ports square measure secure 1st (especially the USB cover).

Potential solutions:
If you’re thinking that the phone has water in it then don’t decide to use it. Towel off any excess water then open the rear and take away the battery. The water harm indicators can flip red if harm has occurred. strive putting the phone in a very bowl of dry rice, or strive golf shot it into a bag with a number of those colloid packets, and leave it to dry long.

If it doesn’t work at the moment then you’ll strive contacting Samsung and causing your phone back to them. There’s an opportunity they’ll replace it, if they appraise it and notice a fault. If not, you’ll be curst a repair bill. per most reports, AT&T won’t replace it for water harm, thus it’s most likely best to travel straight to Samsung. however strive each corporations. Demand that they replace it as a result of they inspired you to require it underwater after they sold  it.

Problem: Slow charging

Some folks have run into a charging issue with their Samsung galaxy s4 active problems wherever it takes so much longer than it ought to to excite the battery. It shouldn’t extremely take quite a handful of hours to completely charge.

Potential solutions:

  • certify that you just square measure exploitation the cable and charger that shipped along with your S4 Active. If you charge via a pc USB, or exploitation another charger, then you’ll expect a slower rate.
  • certify that the charger and cable are properly fitted and secure.
  • strive a unique charger and see if that creates a distinction. you’ll check the charging rate via Settings > Battery wherever it’ll say “Charging (AC)” or “Charging (USB)”. USB is much much slower.
  • certify you don’t have a lot of apps and services running, and switch the partition whereas it charges. If it doesn’t close up automatically then head to Settings > more > Developer options and uncheck stay awake. If you can’t see Developer choices then head to Settings > additional > regarding device and faucet on Build range a minimum of seven times to unlock it.

Problem: microphone not operating

A lot of individuals have run into issues with the microphone. throughout calls they report that the opposite caller cannot hear them speaking. There’s a decent likelihood this can be associated with water harm.


Use the speakerphone function, because it employs a special microphone.

Potential solutions:

strive drying the phone out – use the water damage directions on top of. If it still doesn’t work you’ll have to be compelled to come back it and find a replacement from your carrier, the distributer wherever you purchased it, or direct from Samsung.

Samsung galaxy s4 active problems : Cracked screen or different drop damage

There are a number of reports of individuals suffering scratches, hattered screens, shattered screens, or non-functioning displays once drops. as a result of the S4 Active has been marketed as a water-resistant, dust-proof phone there appears to be Associate in Nursing assumption that it’s additionally additional rugged than your average smartphone, however it isn’t! Seriously, if you drop this phone it’ll break even as simply as a customary S4.


get some good protection. you’ll scrutinize our greatest Samsung Galaxy S4 Active cases for a few concepts.

Potential solutions:

It’s price making an attempt contacting your carrier, the distributer, or Samsung to search out out regarding repair choices or replacements.

That’s all for specific Galaxy S4 Active issues and fixes. Again, keep in mind to ascertain our regular Galaxy S4 issues article for tips about fixing Wi-Fi, storage, battery drain, and different common issues. If you recognize of the other fixes or you’ve encountered another drawback then post a comment and share it.

Samsung galaxy s4 active problems  Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Problems

Samsung galaxy s4 active problems

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