Galaxy S4 Active Unroot,back to stock, using SuperSU

Galaxy S4 Active Unroot,back to stock, using SuperSU

Galaxy S4 Active Unroot, back to stock, using SuperSU

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Unroot (SGH-i537) has been with success rooted with uncomplicated technique, by merely putting in active root app engineered by Geohot, so install the root manager app like SuperSU, that has tasked to deliver and record root permissions requested by different apps. we choose SuperSU by chainfire, since this app has the foremost complete feature compared to the opposite root manager app, apart from that this app conjointly has the complete unroot choice, that able to get remove root access on any android smartphones.

Most Galaxy S4 Active smartphone users usually perform an unroot for numerous reasons like the necessity to come their device to store, sell it to somebody else, or just wish to back to stock unrooted software and may run higher without root.

Galaxy S4 Active Unroot Galaxy S4 Active Unroot,back to stock, using SuperSU

Galaxy S4 Active Unroot

Whatever the reason, unrooting the Galaxy S4 Active unroot(SGH-i537) could be a breeze, since we already had SuperSU app put in, with the assistance of this app we will clean up the superuser app and its supporting files with simply a few of straightforward actions:

Galaxy S4 Active Unroot using SuperSU

  •  check  you have the most recent and current updatted version of  SuperSU by lookinh in Google Play Store, and if you suspect already has the most recent one, then open the app.
  • Once the app is open up, currently visit the “Settings” tab and look for “Full unroot” possibility and click it.
  • You will then see a pop-up window  display that contains a confirmation whether or not you would like to continue.
  • Wait many moments and let the app cleanup the mandatory files.
  • once successful , the app can within sight itself, and your device can bring up instantly, otherwise you’ll bring up it manually.
  • once booting up, currently uninstall SuperSU and activeroot app from the phone.

If everything is completed properly, our Galaxy S4 Active how to guides will help (SGH-i537) ought to unrooted currently. It is doable that your smartphone can show “Device status: Modified” on Phone Settings, just in case you encounter this you’ll try and factory reset the phone. If unsuccessful, it looks you have got to revive your phone to stock shipped ROM with a stock official firmware and Odin flash tool. This Galaxy S4 Active unroot using SuperSU should help you if you need help feel free to post below.

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